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About Us

We are a performance troupe founded in 2002 with hundreds of safe, successful shows and many repeat customers. We are located in Central Massachusetts, USA.    

What we do and what we offer: Phoenix Swords is an organization created and maintained for the purpose of performing acts of entertainment and historical recreation. Our shows are structured for Renaissance faires and university demonstrations. But we are flexible! We have been part of non-profit fundraisers, town festivals, weddings, national Scout events, The Big E, birthday parties,  and European sword festivals. Geographically we have been from as far north as Canada, south to Florida, and as far east as Germany. A complete listing by day (we often do multiple performances per day)
Upcoming Performances

as of 3/1/2021  Listing of past performances and Performance Galleries



Safe, fun, human connection.

Phoenix Swords invests in our members. We practice, insure, train, and bring in outside instructors to bring the best show to you.  Our members are part of other entertainment groups, we hold our own workshops and subcontract other performers for larger shows.  The joy we have in learning and performing we share with our audiences.

Sure to entertain:

sword fighting

Sword Fighting Shows

Historical 1300s-1700s, Staged Fights, and more

Our historical show features "plays" taken directly from historical sword manuals.  The general show is a medley from 1320 to 1730.

Our stage shows are often titled "pirate chaos" or "the townspeople are angry" with slapstick and 'found object' fights. 

head on fire

Fire Shows

Fire props, dance, and skin contact

Flame work is as intimate as fire licking along the skin for a brief moment to great gouts of fiery jets over the heads of the crowd. 

We use torches, fans, meteors, staves and more. Our fire breathers and juggler are by special request in advance (for scheduling reasons, no extra cost) No pyrotechnics or black powder.


Skits for Kids 

Folklore and Panto-inspired fun

Most of our skits are based on world folklore and include Saint George and the Dragon,  Ilya of Murom, Firebird, Sheep Story, and more. These skits are just over 13 minutes and are done in pairs for younger folks.      


Prices are impacted by the distance and number of shows. We are located in Central New England and in travel/lodging in locations other than our immediate area will add to the price (for example: travel to Florida will be far more expensive than a single show in Boston, MA)    We are willing to negotiate pricing but these are base prices to start. 

  • Swords
  • 25-minute show
  • Historical  (with citations) Staged fights (Pirates, Rogues, other)
  • Fully Insured
  • Discounts for first-year or charity events 
  • Price is dependent upon needs and distance
  • $ 300.00

    discounts for full-day events with multiple shows
  • Fire
  • 25 -minute show 
  • show type dependent upon performer availability
  • Fully Insured 
  • NO DISCOUNT this is hazardous work
  • Price is dependent upon needs and distance
  • $ 500.00

    if combined with the sword show, some discounts may be discussed for the price of the sword show 


Do you want us to perform for you?  Call or text us at 508-963-3722 or direct message at


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