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Phoenix Swords Performance Troupe

Phoenix Swords is an organization created and maintained for the purpose of performing acts of entertainment and historical recreation. These acts will include, but are not limited to: Historical and Stage sword craft, Fire shows and Children’s skits. The group is based in central Massachusetts, USA  but will travel. We may be reached by, text or phone 508-963-3722 For a list of our over eighteen years of performances visit HERE

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About Phoenix Swords

Phoenix Swords is a group dedicated to performance of historic and stage sword work, fire performance and children's skits based on world folklore. Founded September 1rst 2002, the group travels as far North as Canada and Germany and as far South as Pensacola, FL. Some of our bigger customers have included History Channel, and The Big E.

Performance venues include include Boy Scouts of America, colleges and universities, museums,charity organizations, weddings, churches and private parties (all ages.).  We are fully insured and have many repeat customers.

Our Shows


Our Historical Show is 30-45 minutes that includes time periods from the 1300s-1600's with a variety of weapons from Europe. This is most frequently performed at educational institutions and museums.

Our comedy pirate/medieval folk show is full of bad jokes and physical humor, a favorite for our Gulf Coast shows and birthday parties.


Exciting 1/2 hour performances aflame! Our full fire act includes Fire Touches, Fire-Eating, Fire Fan Dancing, and Fire Swords. Fire Juggling, Fire Breathing and Meteors are done by request and availability of specific performers. This is the one show we will not discount due to risk and liability. We work with local fire officials to meet local standards but the event must pay for the fire permit.

Kid's Skits

Our fantasy folklore skits are 10 minutes long, Shows are mixed and matched for a 1/2 hour show. All tales are based on world folklore and involve our all-ages audience. Current shows include Saint George and the Dragon, Ilya of Murom and Firebird.They are humorous bits interacting face-to-face, containing puppets, props and in all cases-swordplay!

Upcoming Shows

Upcoming shows

October Private Party (August 30th)
September 12th&13 Franklin Renaissance Fair


Shows upcoming, past more- HERE


We do a lot of cool photos-here is the list from 2008-2020

Photos from 2002-2008 are also available


465 Boston Turnpike H5 Shrewsbury, MA 01545


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